Monday, July 6, 2009

What's new with Padre Perl 6?

Padre Perl 6 Help Viewer (Powered by grok)

I recently became aware of Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson's grok GSoC project. grok is going to be the Perl 6 documentation reader (like Perl 5's perldoc). I asked Hinrik for a "grok --index" to list topics that grok knows about and when he graciously implemented it, I added some UI for it that I hope you will like.

More Quick Fixes: Convert POD6 to HTML or Text

A 'lovely' Camelia about box
I know this does not count but I really like it :)

To install Perl 6 plugin along with Padre, please type the following command:
cpan Padre::Plugin::Perl6


SF said...

Ahmad, any idea if on the Mac one should use the system Perl 5 or the system wxPerl for this?

SF said...

I just went ahead and tried installing it on my personal Perl 5.8.8 installation (seems I have three -- system Perl, system wxPerl, and a personal MacPorts Perl). It bombed out requesting 5.10.0. Padre's supposed to work on 5.8 according to the website, so I'm assuming that's something to do with your module?

Ahmad M. Zawawi said...


Sorry for being late at responding to your comment. My module needs 5.10.0 since it depends on Larry Wall's