Monday, August 24, 2009

Upgrading Padre "Almost Six"

I would like to share my experience in upgrading Padre "Almost Six" version 0.41 to 0.43 via cpan (Thanks to Audrey Tang for the idea). If you do not have Padre Six distribution, please download and install it from:

Please note that Padre "Almost Six" MSI package installs Perl to c:\strawberry and Rakudo to c:\strawberry\six. After installing, you'll have Padre 0.41 and Rakudo Perl 6 release #19 "Chicago" and Perl6 plugin 0.55. To start upgrading Padre, please type:

cpan Padre

You will see cpan complaining about dependencies like this. No worries. It will upgrade them automatically.

Warning: prerequisite File::Next 1.06 not found. We have 1.02.
Warning: prerequisite PPI 1.205 not found. We have 1.203.
Warning: prerequisite PPIx::EditorTools 0.08 not found. We have 0.07.

Now Padre 0.43 is ready to go. To launch Padre, type 'padre' on the command line or simply click on the shortcut in the start menu "Padre Standalone Plus Six/Padre". If you going to try Perl 6, I suggest upgrading Perl 6 plugin to 0.57 after closing Padre via the following command:

cpan Padre::Plugin::Perl6

Again, cpan will greet you with the following errors/warnings which is perfectly normal... no worries there and it will install them correctly.

- ERROR: App::Grok (0.17) is installed, but we need version >= 0.19
- ERROR: Syntax::Highlight::Perl6 (0.65) is installed, but we need version >= 0.71
- ERROR: Padre (0.43) is installed, but we need version >= 0.44

VoilĂ , you have you upgraded Padre to 0.43. Padre 0.44 is scheduled to be released this week by Breno G. de Oliveira and soon afterwards a new Padre/Rakudo Perl 6 distribution from Curtis Jewell will follow.


Ruslan U. Zakirov said...

Simple command to upgrade all padre related things:

cpan> upgrade /^Padre/

Ahmad M. Zawawi said...


Thanks! I tested it and it works perfectly.

One side effect to that is that it tells you about all Padre::* modules at the end.