Saturday, September 19, 2009

The New Padre Perl Six Updater

If you would like to try Rakudo Perl 6 "Seattle" Release #21, or switch between Rakudo Perl 6 releases and you are using Padre on Windows, then please try the following. I uploaded yesterday version 0.60 of Padre::Plugin::Perl6 to CPAN which has this lovely Rakudo Perl 6 updater tool.

How to install it?
  • Install Padre Standalone 0.45 MSI Installer. This step is optional if you already have Padre Almost Six 0.41 installed.
  • Upgrade to the latest Padre via this one-liner:
    perl -MCPAN -e "CPAN->upgrade('/^Padre/')"
  • Make sure you have Perl 6 support plugin installed. You should have at least version 0.60 to use Six Updater.
    cpan Padre::Plugin::Perl6
  • Run Padre's shortcut from the Start menu or type "padre" into the "Run Program" dialog.
  • Please make sure that Perl 6 plugin is enabled in Padre's plugin manager (i.e. if you do not see a Perl 6 sub menu under Plugins menu).
  • Click on "Update Six" like this:
  • Click on "Install Six" button and please wait until it is installed. The installation happens in the background and visual feedback in shown in the output panel.
  • Once installed, create a new Perl 6 script (File -> New -> Perl 6 Script) and run it (F5) using your newly installed Rakudo in c:\strawberry\six.
It is currently limited to the last two binary releases; namely Seattle #21 (September 2009) and PDX #20 (August 2009). I will keeping updating it in the future for upcoming monthly Rakudo Perl 6 releases. Any feedback is appreciated :)


prz said...

I've just tried it, and it's working like a champ... Great job!

Ahmad M. Zawawi said...

@prz Thanks :)

colomon said...

Seems to install like a charm, but the perl6 executable doesn't seem to work? At least, simple script don't generate any output...