Sunday, September 27, 2009

Padre 0.47 is out

Padre 0.47 was released a couple of days ago. Special thanks goes to all of our Padre developers and translators. This release includes a very long list of stability bug-fixes and feature upgrades.

How to install it?
  • Download and install Padre Standalone 0.45 release to obtain the greatest and latest in Perl's CPAN world.
  • In your command line, run the one-liner upgrade script to upgrade to it:
    perl -MCPAN -e "CPAN->upgrade('/^Padre/')"
  • Run "Padre" shortcut from your start menu.
What's new?

Here are some of the features that are in this release:

Improved Integration with Windows

Padre now features a native Padre executable launcher (padre.exe) that is installed by default in c:\strawberry\perl\bin. This launcher runs Padre using wperl.exe instead of perl.exe. So no more black command prompt windows while launching Padre. If still you need these screens (e.g. to debug a Padre bug), you can simply run "padre.bat". Perl's syntax checker now works every one second in the background which means faster and more predictable syntax checking behavior.

Better handling of line endings

Padre can now detect the document's line endings (i.e. newlines or end of lines). So mixed line endings are detected and displayed in the status bar as "Mixed". In addition to that, the auto-conversion of line endings is now officially removed.

Improved About box

While strictly not a feature on its own, we really like our new About box :) The info tab provides configuration information along with Padre's uptime and process size in Megabytes.

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