Saturday, February 6, 2010

Padre, Firefox and Chrome

Lately there have been a discussion in #padre about integrating Padre with "Edit with Emacs" Chrome extension. We found out that we need to implement a server that services XmlHttp requests at port 9292 in Padre to be able to integrate with that extension. It was a very interesting discussion that led me to do more research on the topic. I learned that there are Firefox add-ons that can edit text field or areas, launch your favorite editor; i.e. Padre :) and then monitor files for changes and reflect those changes in the browser. So here are some popular examples of such add-ons for Firefox:

Firebug Add-on

Firebug adds a simple edit-the-contents-with-your-editor feature. It turned out that you could easily configure Padre with Firebug. In fact you can configure one or more editors:

It is All Text! Add-on
This plugin unfortunately supports only one editor but it can actually reflect saved changes from Padre by monitoring opened files.

Future plans
In the future I plan to create a Padre plugin that services "Edit with Emacs" Chrome extension. Please let me know if there are any browser add-ons/extensions of which I may have missed.

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