Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Upcoming features in Padre

As our busy Curtis Jewell released Strawberry Plus Padre 0.56 yesterday, Padre developers were already actively working on the next Padre version. Here are some screenshots on what is going on with the upcoming Padre development release. This is of-course NOT a final list of what is going to be released in the next release. Here is a list of the latest Changes.

Regular expression (regex) editor
The complete Regex editor dialog UI is now revamped. It supports substitution now. It tries to describe the regex that you typed via PPIx::Regexp. You can now open it from the "Edit" menu or from the right-click menu when you have selected some text. The dialog is now non-modal.

Enhanced goto dialog
Goto dialog is now more generic and supports position and line numbers. It also displays the current position or line number depending on its operation mode. The dialog is now non-modal.

Open in file browser / system editor
This is one of the things that I really missed when developing on Padre. It already had an open in file browser (or Open containing folder) feature but that was hidden in the project directory tree. You can now access that from the File / Open menu or from the right-click menu. "Open with default system editor" tries to open the current document using the system's default system editor.

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