Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning Perl 6 again with Carl Mäsak

It is been a while since I blogged or contributed something useful on the Perl 6 battle front. Lately I got married in July and then I started again hacking in my free time on Padre and Wx::Scintilla. After searching my usually-long TODO list, I found out that I wanted to group Carl Mäsak's Perl 6 tutorial series in one easy-to-use place. These articles are really an excellent way to learn about Perl 6. Carl's writing style keeps me just wanting to learn more about Perl 6. A bazillion kudos for Carl Mäsak for writing this excellent Perl 6 tutorial series :)


André Santos said...

Thanks for the list, this is great!
Just a small correction:
s/map and group/map and grep/


Pradeep said...

Great to see you in action again. Thanks for sharing.

Ahmad M. Zawawi said...

@André Santos

Fixed. Thanks :)